1. Gathering stuff is an intention. It says to the Universe that you are getting ready. Pull together the exciting toys, supplies, thoughts and images that speak to you in the moment. That doesn’t mean all the toys…remember how when you were a kid and you simply got tired of Barbie? Focus on the energy of what you bring to your art table; it should feel like you wanna play…

2. Preparing your creative nest. Planning for those little creature comforts makes it easier for you to get the most out of the magic when it happens. Think bunny slippers, the iPad with your favorite playlist in the que, snacks and the all-important beverages.

3. Protecting your sacred creative time. This may require different tactics, depending on your situation. For some, it may mean working in a known safe zone, like 3 a.m.-5 a.m, when the house is usually quiet. It may mean putting an “unavailable right now” auto-responder on your email or phone. If you are creating collaboratively, it may mean writing an agenda and being sure your creative pal is committed to the schedule.

4. Having a “fall-forward” plan. A fall forward plan includes activities that are easy for you to jump into, and they keep you moving forward, even if there’s some kind of hiccup in your activity. For example, I almost always can pick something to do a photo study that will generate a batch of images to work with in the future. How about making background art from left-over supplies? Have you thought about exploring your recycle bin?

5. Take a spin through web sites, magazines and books. You know how you buy a new car and suddenly notice how many people are driving around in the exact same model? When you have a fresh intention, you will see things you didn’t see before…sometimes right under your nose.

6. Are we having fun yet? Intention is in the moment, so keep asking yourself what feels right now? Follow what feels most exciting, and the creativity will keep building.

7. Now for some reverse logic—try jump-starting your creativity with a nap. Lucid dreams happen in that “napping” state, not deep sleep. You may even try suggesting to yourself a nap time limit and that you are going to bring back some interesting ideas from the land of barely nod-off.

Notice now that all these suggestions require action. Actions do speak loudly, and are a powerful outward sign of your creative intentions.

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