Hi. I'm Susan.

I help businesses tell their story, build their culture, and invite relationships.

When you are busy leading a company, it takes many careful conversations. There’s an art to finding your voice and crafting your story in a way that’s clear, authentic and memorable. For the most part, your story isn’t about you; it’s about why us, and how your business enriches the lives of others.


Hi, I’m Susan Nicolai. I specialize in writing and content development for leaders who care about the well-being of their clients, employees and partners, and want to share their vision for making their community, industry and world a better place.

The right words matter. It is what you say AND how you say it.

As an influencer and leader today, you’ve got to be relevant, engaging and real. Without transparency, there is no trust. My superpower is helping your business build genuine relationships through communication. You’ll be credible. Your vision will be easily remembered. You’ll be share-worthy.


On the surface, you may need a blog post or a video or a better web site. But at the root, you’re seeking a way to generate leads for your business, or keep your culture alive as your business expands, or to inspire referrals from your clients. We’ll collaborate on strategy, messaging and tactics. Based on your needs, I can deliver copy only, or team with your partners or mine to produce finished solutions.

What’s it like to work with me?

I have breadth and depth of knowledge tempered by the heart of an empath. My creative process feels intuitive to me, but if you’ve read Malcom Gladwell’s Blink, it might be the magical “40,000” hours of experience kicking in.  Writing is nearly like a download for me; after I understand my client, their values and business goals, I get very “into the zone.” Over time, I need very little direction to “nail it” for you.

How a nerd and an empath can help you connect with, build trust among and inspire others.

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