Hi I am Susan Nicolai.

Digital Storyteller. Artist. Writer. Foodie. Content Creator.

Your Creative Well-being Matters.

I’m an experienced marketing professional, with a passion for digital stories, creativity and the joy of the journey.

About Me, Part 1

This is my career boiled down to less than two minutes? Its a strange feeling, because I still dream of being at the place I worked for over 13 years. There are good memories looking back, even though something inside, something even better, keeps calling me forward....
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About Me, Part 2, “the dark side”

My curse...and turning it into an asset. I think we all have our "dark side," and if we can get over it, it can reveal to us our greatest gifts. I'm no longer embarrassed to claim this shadow part about me.
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5 Lessons Learned

This is my manifesto. There's truly no teacher like life itself! These 5 lessons are reminders to me to keep things in perspective. Enjoy!
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How I became a Storyteller

Susan Nicolai’s personal experience of gaining confidence in storyteller, and claiming her own voice.

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My Art Journey

Every artist must find their own path, I think.  The journey is the process, and it continues to unfold as we continue to practice, to start with that fresh page, to be carried by the whiff of inspiration that catches us in those unsuspecting moments of the day.  It...
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