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Sneak a Peek at my upcoming book

Vivacious is my next book, loaded with eye-watering color and high energy contemporary art. If you love abstract art and immersing yourself in a full spectrum of color, falling in love is possible! So let the romance begin and build. I’m preparing to make available prints for custom art to hang on your wall or to print on products like shirts or personalized phone covers. Please let me know if there’s something you see you’d like to meet up with...

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Buried Dreams

I love this piece created by artist Joan Gaetz! Joan is wise, loving and a gifted teacher willing to share and uplift. It was fun to bring this story to life with her...

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What do we do

This is a video featuring the work of Irish artist Amanda Grace. What I love about Amanda is her ability to dive deep, expressing her emotions and always questioning, challenging, and stretching beliefs. Her work has a style that so reflects her willingness to go into these storms, be vulnerable and...

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