In 2016, I created a collaborative art journal course. Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of imagery I created based on a submission called “Give me a Hand” from mixed media artist Caroline C. Brown.  There is just something about connecting with another artist and taking in their perspective that gets the juices flowing.  Art journaling is so inspirational to me!

Macro images of hands on dyed paper.

A study of hands, using outlines. Photographed with macro lens.

2016-10-25-22-31-09 2016-10-25-22-31-15 2016-10-25-22-32-13 2016-10-25-22-33-42 2016-10-25-22-33-46 2016-10-25-22-25-45 2016-10-25-22-27-46 2016-10-25-22-28-05 2016-10-25-22-29-13 2016-10-25-22-31-03

Here’s the video I created using Caroline’s art journal prompt and spread.

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