Turn your content into an experience.

Now your story, guide, portfolio, memoir or course can be presented on a digital platform, enriched with video, slideshows and other interactive content with a powerful personal touch. Inspire, educate, and share your story!

Ideas for eBooks include:

  • Cookbooks
  • Personal memoirs
  • Accomplishments or special projects
  • Travel Journals
  • Art or photo collections with multiple contributors
  • How-to’s and much more.

It’s easy to create a print version as a companion to the digital experience.


Roots of You-Part 1

If you are a person who cares deeply about family connections and passing down information about your "Roots" then this online guide will help you think about digital storytelling. It's a great way to share stories with family members who have become separated by time...

Women on Fire-Part 1

It was so much fun to work with women in this eBook. Each has their own gift to share with you. I loved how Connie Solera, our teacher, showed us how FIRE was part of the cycle of our lives, and she sparked me to see the joy of collecting work from multiple...

Roots: A Memoir

This is my personal memoir of my family tree, Thewes, Simpson, McLaughlin. It's funny how life changes, but even as loved ones pass on, the memories remind us of our connections, and our roots secure us. I've long been the designed family historian, perhaps because of...

Welcome to the Garden

This was an experimental piece, incorporating audio prompts as a journal-writing...

Inspiration Package

This book includes some of my lucid daydreaming prompts. Allow the file to load fully, then...

Want a Print Book? I did too!

https://youtu.be/qr3_YVDjVsw Here's a copy of my self-published book, "Roots, a memoir." It's a family history, in photos, that accompanies my interactive eBook version that includes audio and video.  I was most pleased with the upgrade to the premium pearl paper.  I...