Customer Solution Narratives. These are case studies told in the customer’s words. Send me on-site for interviews (with or without a videographer) to meet with people who offer different perspectives. We’ll create an engaging real-world story of how your business made their world better and your client will feel appreciated in the process.

Culture-building communication. It’s internal communication, but it doesn’t have to be an inside job. Whether you’re celebrating good news or navigating rough waters, I can help you find the human connection that reminds those closest to your business that you’re in this together.

Web copy, blogs, and articles that serve others in a helpful way. Sometimes the experts don’t have time to write. Back in the day, writing on behalf of someone was called “ghostwriting,” but ghosting has since taken on a new meaning. I’ll interview your people, then develop the content in way that speaks to the needs of your audience. No worries if your topic is difficult or complicated, translating and tailoring messages is what I do.

Steve Speet, Director of Marketing,

Signature Consultants

Susan Nicolai continues to be an important contributor and resource for our marketing team. She understands how to align our messages with how we think and what we value as a company. I trust her to create a positive experience for every person she interviews, from our newest hires to our 20+ year veterans. We love her passion for the work, and her unique ability to find the right words and tell the story in a way that truly helps build and sustain our culture.

Belle Rape, Marketing Manager,

Signature Consultants

Because she’s been in our shoes managing and directing marketing communications, Susan quickly understands the challenges we face on a daily basis. She’s very aligned with “our voice,” our values and our culture, which allows her to be capable of helping us pull through when our plates are overloaded, and the deadlines are pressing. It’s been a great long-term relationship.

Tiffanie Wong, Internal Communications Lead, Signature Consultants

It’s great working with Susan! When you’re trying to connect with busy professionals spread across multiple time zones, completing interviews can be like herding cats. Susan is persistent, patient, and somehow continues to write story after story that feels upbeat, interesting and captures the authentic thoughts and emotions of the interviewee. Her talents really help us keep people excited about working here.

I’m looking to build a long-term relationship, understand your business and become an extension of your team. Our relationship may start with a single project, but I want to become a resource with whom you enjoy working and can trust to connect with your colleagues, leadership, employees and clients.

I offer one free consultation

around your communication opportunity. You’ll get a feel for my approach and we can decide if there is a next step.

Let's talk about your goals.

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