1. Half-day photo shoot Lifestyle Portrait Package. $125 SPECIAL Charlotte, NC only.

Before the shoot, we have a consultation phone call so I can get to know you. The goal of this shoot is to capture the real you, the story of who you are from the inside out. We’ll do multiple “scenes” with wardrobe changes and props. You’ll pick 6-7 final images for minor retouching. The collection will be ready to print, post on your web site or on social media. (Limited availability, contact me for more info. I can only offer this low price as fill-in to my work schedule.)

Casual outdoor portraits

Capture your Personality

Casual and Comfortable

Portraits speak more than Selfies

Fur-babies Welcome

Candid Couple Pics

Relationship pics

By the Garden Light

In the Garden No. 2

Floral Explosion

Butterfly No. 1

Butterfly No. 2

Swimming Abstract

I am Worthy

2. Custom Digital Art Collage. Starting at $125 per project.

I will create an art collage that tells your story. This is a fun way to recognize an anniversary, birthday or milestone, or to showcase a hobby, your beloved fur-friend(s), your own art or other interest. You will receive high resolution and low resolution files, so you can print, share and send and enjoy for years to come.

3. Interactive eBook Design (Adobe InDesign Platform). Starting at $600 for 10-15 pages.

If you have a body of work or instructional content that include audio and video, I can help you design an interactive eBook consistent with your brand and vision. This is also great format for a family memoir as well, combining existing photos and videos into a format that can be shared with families who are geographically spread.

Inspiration Package

This book includes some of my lucid daydreaming prompts. Allow the file to load fully, then...
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Roots of You-Part 1

If you are a person who cares deeply about family connections and passing down information about your "Roots" then this online guide will help you think about digital storytelling. It's a great way to share stories with family members who have become separated by time...
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Roots of You-Part 2

https://indd.adobe.com/view/deafebec-9b05-4468-8d56-98617fbf9291     Interactive eBooks can include a variety of content, including videos, audio, music, and...
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Roots: A Memoir

This is my personal memoir of my family tree, Thewes, Simpson, McLaughlin. It's funny how life changes, but even as loved ones pass on, the memories remind us of our connections, and our roots secure us. I've long been the designed family historian, perhaps because of...
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Want a Print Book? I did too!

https://youtu.be/qr3_YVDjVsw Here's a copy of my self-published book, "Roots, a memoir." It's a family history, in photos, that accompanies my interactive eBook version that includes audio and video.  I was most pleased with the upgrade to the premium pearl paper.  I...
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Welcome to the Garden

This was an experimental piece, incorporating audio prompts as a journal-writing...
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Freelance Content Creation- $75/hour plus expenses/travel.

4. Half-Day video shoot Micro-Documentary. $275 SPECIAL Charlotte, NC only.

If you have a story to tell, a project, blog, course or book to promote, a micro-documentary is a great way for fans and followers to get to know more about you. How you tell the story makes a difference. I’ll take care of putting you in the best light and coach you through putting your best foot forward on camera. The final edited deliverable for this package is expected to be a two minute video, ready to post on YouTube, Vimeo and your web site.

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