One Savvy Firm, Many Voices

It's awesome when your employees, customers and partners speak for you. I love helping  people shine on camera to share your story in a way that resonates and gets remembered.


Tami Hege, MS

Broker, REALTOR®

Susan is a master storyteller. I was blown away by her ability to capture the essence of our team members and help them write their stories, both in written and video format. I'm still in awe by her ability to capture an individual's cadence and lexicon and reflect it back in such a way that is unique to each person.  She was patient and kind throughout the process, but above all, she's a phenomenal listener, which is probably the key to what makes her such a strong storyteller. Writing and videography are definitely art forms, but storytelling is more than that and it's her gift. Susan takes the long societal tradition of telling a story and interweaves it with today's modernity with grace and elegance.  


John Shaw

Broker, REALTOR®

I was excited to work with Susan, talking about myself has never been that difficult. But where Susan's mastery of her craft came shining through was how she took our short time together having a conversation, which felt like talking with a friend I haven't seen in way too long, and created a narrative much greater than I could ever tell. Not only was the process comfortable and smooth but also efficient, I'll be partnering with Susan again for sure. 

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